Alioli (with garlic)


Allioli is one of the oldest sauces we know, and is one of the most typical of Mediterranean cuisine, with a natural and authentic flavour of garlic and oil, ingredients both aromatic and very good for the health.

Recommended use:

To accompany fish and shellfish, salt cod, chargrilled meat (rabbit, chicken, etc.), boiled or sauteed vegetables and pulses, potatoes, salads and toast. Our allioli can be thinned with stock or cooking juices,excellent in dishes of fish cooked in sauce and fish or meat stews and in fish soups.


Olive oil , vegetal oil, garlic and salt.


Available formats: 212, 440, 965 and 1900 ml.


Para Verduras y Hortalizas Para Untar Para Pastas Para Pescados Para ensaladas y Crudites Para carnes y brasas Para aves y rustidos

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One of the oldest Mediterranean sauces (the ancient Egyptians used to prepare it) and also one of the most typical. Our allioli is freshly made with garlic. For all types of meat, fish, salads and vegetable dishes.