About us?

Molí de Pomerí is a company created in 1991 with a clear philosophy:
natural and quality ingredients that ensure a product rich in flavor and with the maximum guarantees.

Currently, we have an established presence nationally and internationally, where we distribute our products to several countries around the world.


Our production

Molí de Pomerí has a controlled production process to ensure that all their products have a satisfactory outcome and quality through:

  • Selected raw materials, always using olive oil.
  • An elaboration without additives, colorings or preservatives.
  • A health guarantee.

Product range

Our product range includes from the typical Mediterranean and traditional sauces up to all kinds of oils, vinegars and salt; always elaborated with the most quality ingredients from our country in order to maintain the tradition and essence of the Mediterranean cuisine.

International Expansion

Molí de Pomerí is continuously expanding into new markets to consolidate its international presence.

To any enquiries related with international business, you can contact with our Export Department export@molidepomeri.com

Responsabilidad Civil

Social responsability

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