Olivada Negra ECO


 As an appetizer on bread. To cook fish. As a seasoning for fresh legumes. Good accompaniment to all kinds of cheeses. It can be lengthened with olive oil.

Recommended use

Used as an appetizer on toasts, grilled bread and pizzas. Excellent combined with fresh vegetables and potatoes. It also goes well with cheese. Extra-virgin olive oil, chopped anchovies or capers and lemon juice can be added to create different flavoured pastes.


Empeltre black olive paste*, extra virgin olive oil*, water, garlic powder* and dried thyme leaf*.

(*) Ingredients from organic farming


Format: 140g


Para ensaladas y Crudites Para Verduras y Hortalizas

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Sauce made from organic olives of the variety Empeltre of the Lower Aragon (Spain) and extra virgin olive oil. This is a traditional sauce with a dominant flavour of black olives.