Pink Salt

Enjoy its crispy texture and delicate flavour and aroma and enhance the flavours of your dishes.


It has a high gastronomic and nutritional value, suitable for all types of dishes, such as meat, fish, vegetables, foie gras etc…


Himalayan salt (98%), rich in minerals and trace elements (calcium, potasio, Magnesium and Iron).


Available formats: 250 grs.


Para PescadosPara carnes y brasasPara Verduras y Hortalizas Para ensaladas y Crudites

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Extracted from the interior of the Himalayan’s mountains where it settled, over 200 million years ago as a sediment, this salt is of an extraordinary purity. Nowadays, this salt is known as a the most complete energy salt, excelling in trace elements like calcium, potassium, magnesium and iron.