Xató Sauce


There is a dominant flavour of almonds and hazelnuts, without being spicy. Perhaps is the most famous dressing for salads and in the areas of the Garraf, the PenedËs and Tarragona, it is a real tradition.

Recommended use

Excellent for starters. To spread on bread or toast. A very good accompaniment to vegetable dishes, pasta and for grilled veal. Can be thinned with olive oil and can be combined with AUBERGINE CAVIAR and PICADA.


Olive oil, fresh tomatoes, nuts (almonds and hazelnuts), Breadcrumbs, spices, Chardonnay vinegar, onion and salt.


Available formats: 212 and 440ml.


Para Verduras y Hortalizas Para ensaladas y Crudites Para guisados y acabados de platos


A splash of Chardonnay vinegar, Reus almonds and hazelnuts, fresh tomatoes and olive oil are the main ingredients in this sauce. Ideal for all types of crudités, vegetables and a range of typical Catalan dishes, including the stew carn d’olla.