As an appetizer on bread. To cook fish. As a seasoning for fresh legumes. Good accompaniment to all kinds of cheeses. It can be lengthened with olive oil.

Recommended use

As an appetizer, spread on bread or warm toast, to gratinate or on pizza. Excellent with crudités and vegetables such as celery, potatoes, fresh pulses. Combines with cheeses. Can be thinned with olive oil, anchovies or chopped capers and lemon juice. Can be used to accompany fish dishes or cold sliced veal. Gives a special touch to other sauces, such as SOFRITO or PICADA.


Bajo Aragón black olives and olive oil.


Available formats: 90 g – 185 g – 400g – 900 g


Para Verduras y Hortalizas Para Pastas Para Untar Para ensaladas y Crudites


A smooth paste extracted from Empeltre black olives from the Aragón region and olive oil. A traditional element in our cuisine, it gives a unique taste to vinaigrettes and contemporary dishes.