Aromatic Italian sauce with a flavour of fresh basil.

Recommended use:

Classic accompaniment for pasta, alone or combined with potatoes and boiled young beans, as well as with potato gnocchi. Gives an exquisite touch to vegetable soups, fish and vegetable dishes. Can be extended with olive oil, chopped garlic, grated parmesan or hard sheep?s cheese. It can give its special individual aroma to SOFRITO or PICADA.


Aceite de Oliva, albahaca fresca, frutos secos (almendras y piñones), sal, ajo y vinagre de chardonnay.


Available formats: 212 and 440 ml.

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This well-known Italian sauce is made from olive oil, pine nuts, garlic and basil. Aromatic and with a strong taste, it goes perfectly with all types of pasta, is good with fish and makes soup and vegetable dishes richer.ardonnay.